Apple After Steve Jobs

Hey! I'm a student from Germany and I'm doing a short presentation about apple's development after Jobs' death. How would you summerize the development into a few sentences? And maybe you can recommend some reliable internet links about this topic :) yours sincerly

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Apple started to change many months after Steve’s death. It took time. I would say that 2014 is the year where we see a more human, friendly corporation. Tim Cook is the man behind this change. You can see Apple’s CEO in media giving interviews where Steve Jobs never bother to do. Tim Cook went to visit China factories. Steve never did that publicly. The new Apple as I would call it is also willingness to offer products that they didn’t want to create when Steve was alive. The iPad mini is a well documented example of this (we saw email exchange between Steve and top directors about doing 7” screen iPads during the Samsung vs Apple court fight in 2012).

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