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Apple, please, fix iCloud on the desktop

Last year along with iOS 5, Apple launched iCloud, a service where users can store photos, music, backups of their devices, sync photos across many iDevices, store documents. iCloud is a behind the scene service You don’t really touch it, only apps and system services depend on it. Also, beside iCloud announcement came the demise of MobileMe including one of its service called iDisk.

One of the main problem with iCloud is on the desktop. Editing a document on the iPad with Keynote will be synced among other iDevices but on the desktop, you’ve got a web interface where you have to download the document before being able to edit it. If you want to put it back in iCloud, you will have to upload it. Awkward to say the least. No the best user experience. I understand the desire of Apple to hide technical things a file system (we don’t really get one on iOS; it is hidden from the user). But at the same time, the usefulness of the iCloud service is diminished along the way. 

What I would like it that Apple come out with a updated Mac OS X 10.7 version where the desktop would be show a permanent device called “iCloud”. Opening it would reveal a list of folders named after each applications name that publishes documents. For example, folders of Pages, Keynote or Numbers would be shown where the user would get the documents they can edit on the cloud. Editing a document in the cloud would simply means double-clicking it like any other documents. For the fastest user experience, Apple could take a clue at Dropbox by keeping local and synced copies of the documents in iCloud.

As you can see, I’m not asking for a revolution, just something that would be a morphed iDisk into iCloud services.

What do you think?

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