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App Store - Improving automatic app syncing

For people with more than one iOS device (an iPhone and an iPad for example), you may already know that since iOS 4.3, when you buy an application from the iPad, it will get  automatically installed on the iPhone without asking your permission, provided it is universal. The reverse is also true. This behaviour is controlled from within iTunes.

What is missing from this implementation? The problem is that we may not want to always install a new app to all devices even if these settings are checked in iTunes.

How Apple could improve the process of buying a new application and syncing it to all other iOS devices we may have? Here is a simple proposal. The following mockup shows what would be presented to the user following the authentication to the App Store:

What you can see here is very simple: a table of all associated devices with your Apple ID with a checkmark for all devices where you can install the application. By default, all devices would be selected. Clicking the OK button would complete the buying process. There would be no Cancel button as the user just authenticated to the App Store to confirm his or her credentials and the purchase itself. This dialog would be presented only when the user uses more than one iOS device with the Apple ID he currently uses.

What do you think of this proposal?

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