Apple After Steve Jobs

While Android is out of control, the iPhone just works

What a telling story and an excellent article on BGR: iConfess: Why an Android fan recommends the iPhone. Here is the fundamental problem on Android: its “openness” allow every OEM on earth sell every kind of hardware with Android on it. So many OEMs. So many phone models. They must differentiate all of them somehow so they create skins and artificial layers to make Android look… different depending of market segment, phone size, etc. Now let the carriers in. This makes matters worse. They load the phones with crapware, they sell phones that they won’t update their operating system. Finally, let the customers in. They want to buy a smartphone. The only reasonable buying decision for them beside all these differentiation efforts is to go with the smartphone du jour only to feel bad a few weeks later as better smartphones comes out and they learn that their new phone won’t be able to take advantage of new Android updates. Android is a mess, a complete mess.

Now, consider Apple’s iPhone. As of this writing, three basic models to choose from. Only three models offered and they managed to dominate US sales in 2011. One user experience. Highest customer satisfaction. Some calls the Apple ecosystem a closed one. Maybe. But customers love it and this translate in Apple’s success and validate their approach: only create great products that people will love to use and enjoy. 

Less is more. Some are contemplating this to reduce they smartphone offerings in 2012

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