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The new iPad - a “meh” upgrade?

I read on the Internet a few people saying the new iPad is kind of a ”meh” upgrade. After all, not many things has changed and there is still no USB slot and the screen is ”essentially” the same.

On the missing USB slot

Those waiting for an iPad with a USB slot don’t realize that Apple is all about the cloud and doesn’t see the USB slot part of the strategy. By having your documents in the cloud, what a USB slot could be used for? Import documents on the iPad? The problem is this little known fact to a potential user of an iPad: there is no end user file system on this device. Where those imported documents would go? For a power user of an iPad, this can be frustrating at time but that the way it is. USB slot would be used by a small portion of the users and Apple don’t like to keep this kind of feature in their product. The same logic was applied to the CD drive on the MacBook air and soon will be applied to the MacBook Pro.

On the ”essentially” same screen

Since the first iPad generation, Apple didn’t change much externally: same buttons, same position, same case color, same size. The iPad 2 introduced a new casing which is much easier to hold and added value to the product. What else can Apple change on this device to make it better? What is the most important thing in a touch screen device? What is the component that defines the user experience? The screen! And now, this new iPad got a super high resolution display, higher than 1080p, the best TV screen resolution that you can find on the market. All this on a 9.7” screen, sitting at around 12” of your eyes. This screen makes the digital appearance of the software vanish for a more analog look. Still, you’ll find people saying that this is a ”meh” upgrade.

Apple make products built around components that they feel can add real value and can make a big difference. The new iPad is the embodiment of this strategy.

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