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My short and personal review of the iPhone 5

Here are my observations about the iPhone 5 that I received yesterday.

  • The device physical aspect is better than I thought.
  • The Home button is a bit too hard to press.
  • The Stereo jack is a bit too hard to insert.
  • I love the new Lightning connector size and feel when inserting it in the device.
  • The speakers are good enough to listen to music but when holding the device, I feel vibrations which are not always welcomed depending of the music beat.
  • This thing is fast in every aspect.
  • Battery life is the same as my iPhone 4S but since this is a more powerful device (processor, LTE, etc.), I’m happy it is not worst.
  • Most of the apps that I use on a regular basis are already taking full advantage of the taller display which is nice. I’m always impressed how fast developers embrace new Apple technologies and features.
  • The first time you take the device in your hand, it feels very light compared to the iPhone 4S. But, very quickly you get used to that and feel the weight is just right. Doesn’t make the device feel cheap at all.

One of the best thing Apple ever created.

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