Apple After Steve Jobs

The Future Apple TV is already building in front of our eyes

Look at this: the A+E Networks company just announced the introduction of its first iPad apps for watching shows from many its most networks, A&EHistory, and Lifetime. Mmmmm.

As we are all waiting for Apple to announce an Apple TV, a real one, for whatever that means, we all need to consider that they will have to build and announce an Apple TV SDK. The next pointing horizon for this is WWDC 2013. I don’t see that happenening before. And when they announce this SDK, it won’t take a lot of work for A+E Networks and others to reframe and adapt their iPad apps in order to fit the Apple TV screen. This SDK will probably be beta and this will give Apple the time it takes to finish and polish it before releasing it a few months later, just in time with… their new Apple TV, whatever it means. And you can already see that it will come with a lot of Apps. 

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