Apple After Steve Jobs

On Possible New iPhone Pricing

From BEN THOMPSON’s StraTechery:

"I expect the rest of the phone lineup to fall into place behind the 5.5″ flagship:

  • The 4.7″ iPhone will take the 5S’s place at the $650 price point ($199 subsidized). I suspect it will have the same processor, RAM, and camera as the big iPhone; Apple will market it as being completely the same except for the screen (I suspect John Gruber is right that the 5.5″ will have a 3x display, while the 4.7″ will have only 2x)
  • The 5S will move down a notch into the current 5C slot and be sold for $550 ($99 subsidized)
  • The 5C will be the low end with a price of $450 ($0 subsidized)
  • The 4S will probably stick around in select markets like India and China for $350, but Apple is probably waiting for the 5C to move down one more notch before they really push this price point”

My expectations too.

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