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On Presenting iOS 7 @ WWDC 2013

WWDC 2013 is next week and all of us are waiting to see iOS 7, the next big release of Apple’s mobile operating system. The tech press is waiting (and asking) for a user interface refresh. We know for sure that Apple’s designer in chief, Jony Ive, is the key to this UI refresh. But question come to my mind: how do you present this new UI in the context of WWDC keynote?

User Interfaces are not products by themselves. Best user interfaces are hidden from the users. We interact with them without knowing it. In that context, and for all great user interface designers, presenting iOS 7 updated UI could be seen as awkward. The other reason I think is that focusing too much on the UI could be seen as an admission that iOS 7 is only about the UI and nothing else. We all know that Apple must invest much more on other areas as well in order to keep iOS a modern and lively mobile operating system.

If I was in charge of preparing the WWDC 2013 keynote, I would personnaly go with everything else. I would ask to concentrate on the 10 best new things about iOS 7 and I would make sure they cover all the bases of what is really new and engaging about the updated UI but without actually referring to it. People would just discover the refreshed visual language as presenters move ahead and talk about the new stuff, new features and services tied to iOS 7. This is how I would expose people to the new UI. 

Meanwhile, before WWDC next week, why not take a look at my iOS 7 wishlist.

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