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Current Apple Health Index

Following the relase of Apple’s FYI for the last quarter of FY 2013 and the announcement yesterday of the Apple Health Index (AHI), I’m happy to release the current AHI for October 2013.

The increase of the AHI is due in large part to recent product releases, great reviews and continued financial strength of the company. 8.725 is the highest value since the creation of this index. 

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Introducing the Apple Health Index

Today, I’m proud to announce the immediate availability of the new Apple Health Index (AHI). This index is the compound sum of a set of criterias divided in four categories: finance, products, expectations, market landscape. Here is a brief summary of each category.


Apple is a public company and for this reason one cannot ignore the finance health of the company. So it is important to consider, not only the actual financial results but also perceptions of financial analysts by market analysts. Finally, Apple share price for the last 90 days is considered.


Apple is a product company. These products are divided in four lines: the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad and the Mac. These are physical products. The other side of this is the software that runs on them. This include services like iCloud or Maps or even online stores. The point here is to judge each product line freshness. Apple, in order to survive and thrive and stay competitive has to create new release of each of its products, in a timely fashion. If a product category line the iPhone just saw its entire line refreshed, the AHI will be higher. Relative importance of each product line is considered too relative to its revenue share.


No one can look at Apple without making a point about expectations. We all put a lot of pressure on Apple on every aspect of the company. We want fast innovation, we want new features, we hope for new product categories, etc. So, the AHI cannot be complete without any appreciation of current expectations. Expectations are found online, in press media, on social networks in the form of rumors, opinions, tech article about future products or new directions. As time goes by, we know to a certain degree when a product is due for a refresh. AHI takes this into account. The index value tends to be higher after new products are unveiled. On the eve of a major iPhone refresh, the value of the index is lower. This is expected behaviour of the index. 

Market landscape

Ecosystem relative strength, general competitiveness of Apple in certain markets, new talents coming or leaving Apple, acquisitions, a general geek perceptions about Apple all help shape this category. As Apple keep pushing the envelop, there are higher chances of staying competitive or innovative and keep competitor far behind. Also, in 2012, the tech press was very critical about Apple and the general mood was very low. This is the kind of situation that could lower the value of the AHI.

Here is the Apple Health Index table in full details. 

Tomorrow, I’ll publish the current AHI value. Stay tuned. 

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