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AirPlay and Cat Power, what else do you need?

But really, what a great ad. It turns a perceived weakness (a kid always looking at his phone) into a strength (filming life moments to share with his family at the holidays). My favorite twist.

Could be Apple’s greatest ad in a long time. 

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Apple - iPhone 5 - TV Ad - Photos Every Day

That is the kind of ad that I like from Apple. They have to be emotional. And this one really is.

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"Hello, I’m an iPhone. And I’m a Robot."

The Mac vs PC ads were very effective clips telling what makes the Mac so different and better than a PC. I wonder if Apple could try the same with iOS and Androïd. Here it goes.

"Hello, I’m an iPhone!"
“And I’m a Robot.”
“So, what’s up Robot? You seems a bit depressed right now, why is that?”
“Well, I’ve been told that people aren’t satisfied with me because I’m not very keen for optimized apps on tablets”
“Oh, I see. You mean some people buy a tablet only to find out that apps aren’t taking advantage of the large display, something like that?”
“Yeah, something like that. I feel a bit depressed by this. I don’t know how I could fix this.”
“Well, you could ask your creator to help you and try to improve things.”
“I doubt that this would make a difference. He doesn’t care too much about this kind of issue. He prefers wasting his time at showing at parties with some ads.”
“Oh, that is really bad.”

You get the idea.

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Apple’s Ads Compared to Samsung’s

Apple ads have a mission: expose the product, make it the star. By doing so, explaining how it can be used, educating the viewers. In contrast, Samsung’s ads is everything but the product. They bash Apple’s customers. They rarely show the product and explain things about them. This is such a profond contrast. Why?

Apple had the first move advantage with the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad. They try new things so they have to show their products and the benefits of using them. They explain things. 

Samsung is making people based ads because they don’t have to explain anything as they copy products from others.

Plain and simple.

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