Apple After Steve Jobs

That is our fault plain and simple!

So Apple is doomed everybody says. They no longer innovate. Samsung does. Why is the mood so bad about Apple these days? It is because of us, bloggers, Apple enthusiasts. Let me explain.

For years since the return of Steve Jobs at Apple, we believed Apple was unstoppable. We constantly wrote and said that everything Apple was giving us was perfect. We neglected to look at the bad things like MobileMe, Ping and the like. We are still doing it with the messy iCloud contacts syncing and iTunes 11 that is simply a new skin on a ten years old pile of features and unstable junk. We all know that wireless syncing in iTunes since iOS 5 is pretty flaky and doesn’t just works. We all suffer when using the on our iPads to connect to an Apple TV and takes forever just to show albums covers. We all suffer when opening the iOS 6 App Store just to find things and are waiting for it to load the first page. We all suffer, quite often with Apple technologies in a way or another. And we are waiting and waiting and waiting for obvious things like some kind of common file system in our iOS devices and easy to access settings in iOS 7. Yet, we continue to write as if Apple was perfect. We must grow up guys.

And you know what, we continue this trend with iOS 7. Many are expecting way too much of this release. In no way Jony Ive will change things in a few months with iOS 7 this year. We should see the reality as it is. We may be waiting for years for basic things to happen on iOS but it takes years to change course on this. We have to face it. I applaud John Gruber for saying the same thing and Business Insider too.

If the mood is bad these days about Apple, it is our fault because we didn’t set expectations correctly. We must change our tone and be realistic. Otherwise, we are in for another big let down in the following months. And it will be our fault.

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