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Apple Without Steve = Apple With Leaks?

iPhone 5

Let’s face it: the current state of secrecy about the next iPhone has never been that bad. There is virtually no surprise left for the Sept 12th media event. It is becoming ridiculous. Why?

Under Steve Jobs, product leaks were much less frequent and take down notices we’re often received by bloggers with too much informations on their blogs. This made product launch much more exciting because of all the device specifics and details became public. This created a buzz and we had days to digest all this and make up our minds. 

Now, not only product leaks are everyday news, we are seeing physical reproductions or virtual models of the device and people are writing reviews about them. I’m not kidding. We can find reviews of the yet to be announced iPhone 5! Rumors roundups can be found here at MacStories, MacRumors and iMore. What happened to Apple’s secrecy and its flagship product, the iPhone? Is that Tim Cook and Phil Schiller no longer care about these leaks and let the talk do its job?

How do you think the Tech World will react after Apple’s announcements next week?

The iPhone 5 mainly in line with long lasting rumors. No surprises.

Apple confirms everything we already knew about this next generation iPhone.

Apple presents a “revised” iPhone 4S design. Is it enough?

I bet people won’t be impressed at all and start to yawn about how lame this iPhone announcement was. See you next week to see how accurate my predictions are.

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