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Sure Apple will change!

So many people seems to be afraid of Apple changing. But, when Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, Apple was in pretty bad shape. So Steve and his teams started to implement changes internally. We all know the rest of the story. But now, Apple seems to be at his best in all markets for all product lines and the future seems bright. So people are afraid to see Apple changing. I’m not. Here is why. 

For all the love we can devote to Apple and its products, there is places where Apple can improve things. One of them is how open it is to businesses. The next step for Apple could be to play a major role in the consumerization of IT departments. Right now, if Apple is popular in many businesses it is because of its consumer products. Many of Apple product owners bring their devices to work and IT departments as well as management take notice. 

The next step for Apple is being more open to business by listening to them while keeping focus on the core. We saw many new things in iOS 4 and 5 business oriented (OTA updates is one of them for example).

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