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What is Left for Apple Next Week?

With all the leaks about the iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S (and its included fingerprint scanner), one could ask, what is left for Apple to announce and maybe surprise us at Sept 10th media event? Well, here are a few possibilities:

  1. Yeah, the iPhone 5S will include a fingerprint scanner under the home button. But how this thing will operate from an end user perspective is unknown at this time. We don’t know what iOS services will have access to this thing. Will it be for device unlock only or will it be offered to replace passwords on a system wide level?
  2. We don’t know about battery life or the type of processor that will power the iPhone 5S. Will it be an A7? Or simple an A6X? Who knows.
  3. iOS 7 didn’t get a beta release since since August, 15th and iOS 7 GM should be available to developers Sept 10th. This is nearly a month! Some unexpected changes could be part of iOS 7 GM. I’m think about a surprise feature or a much refined user experience or visual language.
  4. We might have to wait a bit longer for iOS 7 on the iPad. I can imagine Apple to wait for the next media event to show it along with the iPad 5 and the iPad mini 2.
  5. A refreshed Apple TV could be in the cards but why now? What features could be included? Is an Apple TV App Store ready for release along with an Apple TV SDK? A few companies are already working with Apple on Apple TV apps. Vevo is one of them. So there is something going on but we just don’t know yet. At least, we should expect an updated software.
  6. New Telco agreements to sell the iPhone in China will be confirmed for sure, but when will they get the new devices is unknown. 
  7. On the software side, we could see updated iPhoto, iMovie, Pages, Numbers and Keynote that would take advantage of iOS 7 but only if iOS 7 for the iPad is ready. 

We’ll see next week what Apple has in store for us. Oh, and one more thing: I hope Apple does a “one more thing” surprise just like Steve Jobs used to do.

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March, 2014

While everybody is busy reading rumors of the next iPhone 5S or 5C, I’m thinking of the iPhones beyond those. The idea came up that Apple could introduce another iPhone form factor at a special media event next year around march. Here is why.

I expect that 90% of customers will be satisfied with the current iPhone pipeline. But there is a 10% of customers who are leaving the ecosystem because of the lack of bigger screen iPhones. Bigger screens smartphone are generally high end device and I expect Apple to try lure back these customers.

I expect Apple to introduce a device with a bigger screen but with the same screen resolution in order to keep software developers happy. The downside of this would be the reduced screen’s DPI. But, as bigger screen devices tend to be held further away from the eyes, I expect this to be a small issue.

Finally, introducing this device in the first quarter of 2014 would help keep the momentum for Apple by disrupting expectations from the press. 

So what do you think? Does this hold up in your mind too?

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