Apple After Steve Jobs

Apple Increases Account Security With Optional Two-Step Verification System for Apple IDs



Two-step verification will require you to verify your identity using one of your devices before you can make changes to your account or make an iTunes or App Store purchase from a new device. You will also get a Recovery Key for safekeeping which you can use to access your account if you ever forget your password or lose your device.

A “fix it” year for Apple. 

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Android: making the PC-era last longer

This: A French hacker ‘admits app fraud’ in Amiens

Prosecutors say he stole tiny sums from 17,000 people, amassing about 500,000 euros (£405,000) since 2011.

Working from his parents’ home in northern France, he snared victims with free downloads designed to look like original applications, they say.

But in the background the apps worked to steal money via hidden transactions.

And this: Android smartphone Malware warning issued by FBI

the Web site also sends the application to the phone. Then that piece of software runs on the users phone, stealing information about the contacts and users phones numbers and uploading them back to the people who’s responsible for this.

Do we really need this open platform? Most people doesn’t care about security. Yet, the Android trojan platform is looking more and more, every single day, like a major security threat.

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