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It tells the world that no matter how much effort Microsoft has put into making Windows 8 ready for tablets, people still need a keyboard and a trackpad. On the flip side, most iPad owners never think about hooking a keyboard up to their tablet; Microsoft feels the need to bundle one with every tablet.

On the Surface’s keyboard that act as a protective cover. See more here:

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On controlling the hardware and software

Many think the Apple ecosystem is a closed one. Maybe. Apple has complete control of the hardware and the software. This allow them to build products that offer one of the best user experience on the market (iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.). The integrated approach that is behind Apple’s successes is about to be the de facto standard in the mobile space. It seems.

Microsoft with their Windows Mobile OS + Nokia is a step in that direction. The more obvious valid comparison would be the just announced Microsoft Tablet named “Surface”. With Surface, Microsoft will control the operating system AND the hardware. This is a first for Microsoft. They should have done it long time ago with their PC business so they could have provided the users with the best user experience on the Windows platform.

Google is also rumored to do the same in the next few weeks by announcing their own tablet running Android 4.0. This seems to validate the vertical integration approach of Apple has the best way to offer the best products.

As you’ll see in another post, having a vertically integrated approach is not the only thing you need to guarantee success of any products. Also, being Microsoft with many OEM relationships to keep in good health, this can become a pretty tricky business.

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