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Is Paul Thurott the new John Dvorak?

Is another one from this Microsoft/Windows/Whatever specialist/analyst/whatever named Paul Thurott. 

After months of silly silence in the face of hundreds of legitimate questions from customers, businesses, developers, and the tech press, Microsoft suddenly and unexpected unveiled (most of) its plans for ARM-based Windows 8 tablets. I’ve got the details (of course) in Microsoft Finally Explains Windows 8 on ARM: Desktop and Office 15 Applications Will Be Included, as well as an accompanying screenshot gallery. But the big takeaway here is simple. Windows on ARM, or “WOA,” as Microsoft calls it, looks like more than a credible answer to the iPad [Emphasis is mine]. In fact, it looks like something that will relegate the iPad to the backwater of the tablet market, much as Windows did to the Mac. And they will ship with full, but touch-enabled, versions of the coming Office 15 apps, which should be a neat final nail in the coffin of those overpriced luxury items from Cupertino. Last year, the Kindle Fire proved that a low-priced device could quickly chip away at the iPad’s dominance. This year, ARM-based Windows 8 tablets are going to accelerate the iPad’s decline. And I’m not the only one who thinks so.  This is a big deal, people. The only question is why Microsoft sat on this for so long. Windows on ARM looks awesome.

What? I’m sorry but an ARM processor by itself won’t solve the underlying problems of Windows. Not sure? Here is a nice one Joanna Stern reviewing the MacBook Air as a Windows 7 machine:

Interesting note on battery life: the Air got over 6 hours of battery life running Mac OS X, but only 4 running Windows 7.

See? Paul, keep dreaming!

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