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What Should Apple Do For The Macintosh 30th Birthday?

Nothing. Here is why.

MacWorld suggests that Apple could update the Mac mini. I don’t think it will hapen, if Apple ever chose to do something, this won’t be the Mac mini as this Mac isn’t linked design wise to the original all-in-one design of the Macintosh. This would be the iMac. The Mac mini is more the living symbol of the more affordable Mac that people asked for since a long time ago.

Apple already created a special Macintosh design for its 20th anniversary. I’m not sure it was the landmark product that Apple want us to remember. 

Most people today don’t really know the story of the Macintosh. We are in the post PC era and more than ever, we tend to look forward for the next gadget. We all know Apple isn’t looking back often. Creating a special edition of the Macintosh would be too much distractive.

Oh wait. Here is what Apple could do. 

Apple could create a special ad to celebrate its values, its goals, how the ake came to exists from these and make a bold statement about what could be coming in the next few years, let alone in the next few months.

Mark January, 22th on your calendar. 

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