Apple After Steve Jobs

Today Apple’s Announcements - My Instant Reactions

For those interested, here are my instant reactions during the Apple Media Event today in point format. Look for more complete thoughts on products soon.

  • The best web coverage was on Engadget with live photo stream. Second place was The Verge.
  • Phil Schiller don’t spend a lot of time talking, he just introduces the iPhone 5. Period. Very different than Steve. Maybe it would have been different without the numerous leaks though.
  • The premise to design the new iPhone was to maintain the one-handed phone operation. This is why the taller not wider screen. Simple. 
  • Devs will have to update their apps to take advantage of the taller display.
  • Very fast paced presentation.
  • Every aspects of the iPhone has been enhanced or improved. Typical for Apple: iterate, iterate, iterate.
  • Nothing new for iOS 6. No last minute surprises. Too bad.
  • I was expecting some defensive comments from Apple because of Android pressure… Nope. Nothing.
  • Seriously: a vast majority of people in non tech world will think it is the same phone… only taller (for those who can take notice of the fifth row of icons).
  • No surprise at all for the new iPhone compared to the leaks.
  • At 60 minutes mark, everything we all knew was confirmed. Tim Cook was back on stage. Was afraid the event was finished.
  • Oh, we’re not done yet… Some iTunes, iPod announcements.
  • iTunes stores are redesigned. They look cleaner, simpler.
  • iTunes app is the only real new thing…love the new design. Late October release…. Tired of waiting.
  • iPods now. The new nano is just gorgeous.
  • The new iPod touch: much better rounded back cover… No more chrome back…. New colors, siri supported, a real camera. Love the look in general…
  • The shuffle… nothing to see here.
  • New earbuds. Nice. Will have to try them with my new iPhone 5 I guess to judge.
  • The 64GB iPod touch at 399$ makes me wonder about the pricing of the iPad mini…
  • Why keep the 4th gen iPod touch?
  • Here is the ad.
  • One more thing? Nope.

Stay tuned for more comments on each specific product.

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