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Being a Troll is So Easy

Being a troll these days seems to be popular and this is particularly true if the subject is Apple.

You know, here are a few things I want to bring on the table for discussion.

  • The question is not if Apple lost its edge or is not innovating anymore. That is a sure fact. Just look at the October 22th event where new iPads were announced. All that stuff was already known for months. No surprise at all. This is true for Maverick too and MacBook Pro. Why make an event for that? You tell me.
  • Apple is becoming more and more conservative on every front. Look at how long it takes before introduce new products? Now, it is basically becoming a yearly event. These events are now too much predictable.
  • The Touch ID sure would a made a great new feature of the iPad Air. But no, Apple decided to make it exclusive of the iPhone 5s. Why is that? Don’t tell me it is a production constraint issue. This is bulls***.
  • The main new “feature” or “surprise” of the October event was to make software upgrades free of charge (Maverick, iLife, iWork). That is it. No new cool feature at all. No nothing. Oh and by the way, iCloud on the web is a gimmick because I really don’t think people care about it. They prefer native apps by a long shot. 
  • Apple isn’t proud enough of iWork ‘13 because they didn’t bother showing the software in action during the keynote. What a change from the Steve Jobs era.
  • Apple didn’t choose not to do low end device. They just cannot do it otherwise they will break their own business model. Plain and simple. 

You see? This is so easy to be a troll. Especially with Apple.

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