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My observations on the new iPad

Here are my observations about the new iPad after playing with it extensively for more than 24 hours.

  • iPhone apps running in 1x or 2x resolution look much better. Someone told me that if the iPhone app supports Retina Display, it will open in 2x mode on the new iPad. I wasn’t able to reproduce it. I have my doubt. 
  • iPhoto for iOS on the iPad makes much more sense than on the iPhone. 
  • I’m still trying to find any pixel on its display. I think Apple is lying when they say there is 4 millions pixels on it. There is none.
  • I upgraded from the original iPad so I’m much more impressed that going from an iPad 2. Still, my girlfriend had an iPad 2 and the display is a really big deal IMHO.
  • With the retina display, I feel the digital world is disappearing and the analog world is back upon on. This is a great thing if you ask me.
  • The size of the display combined with its resolution makes the experience more impressive than on the iPhone 4’s Retina Display. 
  • LTE and Personal Hostpot (when available) make the iPad super connected device. 
  • Having applications like iMovie, iPhoto, iA Writer, Numbers, Pages, Keynote, Reeder, Flipboard just to name a few is enough to make the iPad such a useful device on the go.
  • Paradoxically browsing the web is weird: we get very sharp text but 99% of the pictures are blurry. I don’t know how and when (besides Apple), web masters will add the required higher resolutions images to their web sites to take advantage of high DPI screens. We’ll see.
  • The default capacity of the device is about 500 mb less than on my original iPad. Why?
  • This iPad is certainly a bit warmer when used for a long period of time. Just warmer, not hot.
  • It seems that with LTE, we no longer can subscribre to a data plan from the iPad itself but only by calling the mobile operator. To me this is a step back. Everything that Apple can do to relinquish carriers to the back scene is good for me. Now, I have to call the mobile operator customer support to even stop my data plan if I feel the need to do it without answering a dozen questions on why I’m doing it. Sad.

This iPad is the most enjoyable device that I have ever used.

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