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How do you know if you’re a real Apple fanboy

You know that you are an Apple fanboy when:

  • You take a vacation to watch every Appleā€™s Keynote
  • You visit many times a week just for the fun of it
  • You go to an Apple store in every new city you visit
  • You buy a lot of Apple gear every year
  • You play with your iPhone/iPad/iPod all day long
  • You defend Apple like if it was your child
  • You hate Google and Android
  • You play with simple things on your iPhone like the bouncing effect just because you find it so cool
  • You enjoy every design details of your iPhone, every day
  • You check every day your order status on the Apple Store app
  • You hope that Apple will stay on top of the hill forever
  • While using an iOS app, you systematically click on an iAd ad because there well desgined

Am I missing something? Do you have something to add that confirms an addiction to all thing Apple?

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