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Apple’s first year after Steve Jobs

Here is a very interesting article from MacObserver’s Ted Landau on year one at Apple after Steve Jobs. 

On Steve’s clout.

Yes Steve Jobs had a powerful clout but it is also a known fact that people like Eddy Cue was a deal maker behind many deals Apple signed over the years. Sometimes Steve Jobs was not easy to deal with and other had to come up to rescue a deal.

On What Steve would do

Steve Jobs expressly said many times not to ask yourself what He would do but just follow your inner voices. If for the next few years Steve jobs laid out a blueprint for Apple, this is the time where this question should not be asked. This is when the blueprint no longer apply to reality that people would start to ask themselves: oh my god, what can I do now? What Steve jobs would do in this situation.

On the Apple event about education

I tend to agree with Mr. Landau: Apple did a great job at this event. What was deemed as a low profile event in New York turned out to be nearly a game changer event for certain aspects of education. We’ll see how things plays out in the future. By the way, Tim Cook didn’t take the stage at this event. What is this telling us about Apple without Steve Jobs?

On Apple openness

Apple do make mistakes. Some may be attributed to Apple attitude that come times look more dogmatic than anything else. Without Steve Jobs I think Apple will change a bit for better and be more kind and open when designing its products. Only small changes could make a big different. If Apple ever come out with an iTV, it will be interesting to see how does the product stand on open standards like video formats support for example.

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Some work ahead for Apple in 2012

Today, The Verge publishes an excellent review of the iOS history with a brief description of each releases. Along the line, you’ll see that Apple still has quite a few things to work out in 2012. Here is a brief summary. 

FaceTime on Windows: if you want to be a real game changer, but Skype is not for sell, it is the time to expand beyond Mac OS and iOS and make FaceTime available on Windows. Now. 

iMessage on Mac: I’m still surprised to see that 2011 is coming to an end and we are still waiting for something that important for Mac OS. Why not make it for Windows too by the way.

Ping for Apps: Why not create a platform for building a user community directly tied the App Store just like Ping for iTunes. Seems obvious to me.

iAd: was supposed to be a game changer but never quite make it. How about creating an Android SDK for it?

Mobile App Store: I’ kind od tired of many quirks on the mobile App Store. One example? When updating one app, don’t really require to return to the home screen each time.

Siri: Make Siri out of beta really and tap into Google’s search for every country, not just in US. I’m tired of waiting for this to happen here in Canada.
iTunes Match around the world: the fact that iTunes Match is only available in US is something that allows Apple to iron out problems with the service. I expect the service to become available to a broader audience in 2012. Provided that content owners sign deals with Apple too.
iCloud: please replace iDisk with Dropbox and put that into iCloud. We understand the need to hide anything called “a filesystem” to the average users but still, we like them so we would like them to stay around for a while. Also, on the Mac, editing a synced documents from Keynote or Pages requires the user to first download the document locally to the computer. That is awkward to say the least.
Mac Pro: update the case design or get rid of it. Do something about this mammoth.
One final note on Mac OS. I’m not sure why but I think Mac OS X Lion is an interim release of Mac OS: something between the old Mac operating OS paradigm and the new mobile OS that is iOS. There seems to be enough provision for a touch and gesture based new Mac hardware but there is still nothing like it right now.
See? I didn’t write anything about the iPad 3, the iPhone 5, the Apple TV 3 or the iTV… Because those are a given.

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