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I just had a dream

On the eve of the march 7th event presumably announcing the iPad 3 and the Apple TV 3, both of which sporting high resolution specs, I just had a dream.

The iPad 3 and the Apple TV 3 are surely great devices but calling the press for that is kind of boring. We all get used to these events and we expect more each time. What could be the “One more thing” this time? Well, Apple could be releasing an update to their iOS SDK to allow iOS developers to build apps for the Apple TV 2 and the newly released box too. This would steal the show. The timing would help build a nice bunch of apps running on an Apple TV that would be certified to run on a future iTV to be released sometime in 2012 or 2013. I remember Steve Jobs answering an email that an App Store extended to the Apple TV could come when the timing would be right. The time has come.

That was my vision and I think that would be a stunner. Remember, you saw it here first.

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