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Where is Newstand Author?

This morning I asked myself: iBooks Author is nice and cool but what about Newstand? Why there is no Newstand Author? Is it because the magazine publishing market is way more complicated to deal with than textbooks publishing market?

The problem with magazines on the iPad right now is that there is no standard way of using them. There all different. The concept of having to download an app in order to get a magazine is kind of weird too. The fact that there is more than 500 000 apps right now on the App Store has more to do with the proliferation of all the apps that are in fact repackaged books or magazine in an application wrapper. Also, one of the reason I suspect Apple came out with iBooks Author is the simple fact that good iOS developers are very busy and very hard to find so the quality of apps tend to go down over time. We see how badly design many magazine are and it cast a shadow on the iPad usability in my own opinion. So for Apple it was a way to make sure that good quality textbooks can be made without depending on high development costs from hard to find developers. 

Really, I hope at some point will see Newstand Author.

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