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The PC: the poor citizen in this (Apple) digital world

What these words have in common?

  • iCloud
  • iMessage
  • iChat
  • iDisk
  • FaceTime

Besides beginning with the letter “i” for most of them, they all reflect the poor citizens of the Apple digital world. Here is why.

Why iCloud is on the list? It is because there is no way (yet) to edit a synced documents on the Mac or the PC. These devices aren’t really part of the “sync documents to all devices” principle which is one of many features of iCloud.

Why iMesssage is on the list too? Well, this app is nice on iPhone et iPad has they seamlessly merge SMS and text messages in the same application. But I think iMessage should be available on the Mac and the PC as they are still part of our day to day digital life. They form the big picture or our workflow or event entertainment tools. Having to take an iPhone just to pick up on the new text message and to answer it is kind of awkward.

What about iChat? This application barely received some attention from Apple in Mac OS Lion. Still no integration with iDevices. Could this app received the iMessage treatment? Apple seems to care less and less about the desktop. I’m not even thinking about porting this thing to Windows. Never going to happen.

What about iDisk? Upgrading to Mac OS Lion to iCloud makes this icon disappear because iDisk don’t have any equivalent on iCloud. The fact that Apple didn’t bring it to iCloud could send a message that they no longer think that a feature like Dropbox isn’t part of their vision of PCs because these devices are about to disappear from the digital landscape but I disagree entirely with this (there is this story of Steve Jobs failed attempt in buying Dropbox that could explain this too). PCs will be there for quite a while and having this feature of a disk on the cloud that sync to many device (just like Dropbox) seems to be very important to a lot of people. This other story seems to imply that people at Apple still think they iDisk or similar feature is still very important for the Mac OS. 

Finally, when Apple launched FaceTime with iPhone 4 in 2010 then later for Mac, they said that it was based on Internet standards and it was a big deal. But, we are sitting now at the beginning of 2012 and there still no sign of FaceTime on Windows to complete the portrait. Why? I think Apple is missing an important opportunity of expanding his reach in the digital world. Why not make it a real standard and make it available for Android devices?

I look forward in 2012 for Apple to bring some life into these services and complete their vision of the cloud that encompass the old PC and Mac devices as they are still very important to us (and even to Apple according to they latest quarterly results).

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