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On Possible New iPhone Pricing

From BEN THOMPSON’s StraTechery:

"I expect the rest of the phone lineup to fall into place behind the 5.5″ flagship:

  • The 4.7″ iPhone will take the 5S’s place at the $650 price point ($199 subsidized). I suspect it will have the same processor, RAM, and camera as the big iPhone; Apple will market it as being completely the same except for the screen (I suspect John Gruber is right that the 5.5″ will have a 3x display, while the 4.7″ will have only 2x)
  • The 5S will move down a notch into the current 5C slot and be sold for $550 ($99 subsidized)
  • The 5C will be the low end with a price of $450 ($0 subsidized)
  • The 4S will probably stick around in select markets like India and China for $350, but Apple is probably waiting for the 5C to move down one more notch before they really push this price point”

My expectations too.

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Comparing the iPad mini to other small tablets

Did you notice that Apple didn’t play to hard the game of the iPad mini as a e-reader? They rather emphasized the multi purpose nature of their new small device. Why you might ask? Well, very simple.

You can’t compare the iPad mini with more than 275 000 apps available on day one with other small Android-based tablets with so few optimized applications. By emphasizing the iPad mini versatility and the fact that it is still an iPad with all its glory, you place yourselves in a position to ask more, hence the 329$ starting price.

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