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Steve Jobs was Apple’s ultimate fanboy

Reading this interesting article from Steven Levy for Wired Magazine I found one very interesting thing about Steve Jobs that is so revealing. In July of1999, Steve Levy recap a meeting with Steve Jobs, Mr Schiller and Jonathan Ive on the soon to be revealed new portable computer to be named iBook.

Steve Jobs was not all about being only the Apple’s CEO or the visionary. Steve Jobs was the ultimate Apple’s fanboy. He was so proud to present Apple’s latest product which were always the conclusion of hard work and attention to details from many people working at Apple.

There are many Apple fanboy. I’m one of them. But I’m not working for Apple. Many other fanboys are. As long as there are people at Apple so devoted to the goal of simplicity, beauty and the user experience, this will keep Apple relevant and eventually keep it a game changer for years to come.

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Will Apple “lose step” with the passing of Steve Jobs?

Andy Rubin from Google talking at the AsiaD conference October 19th, 2011:

I don’t think so…The DNA in the people walking the halls at Apple is a very powerful combination of the arts and computer science, and I don’t think that’s changed with Steve’s passing. That combination of creativity and computer science, it’s still there. Apple will certainly miss Steve’s leadership, but now it’s time for the other guys to step up.

Google is not always wrong.

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