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Apple’s potential buying targets

Here is a list of potential buying targets that I consider of a good value for Apple ecosystem. Tumblr: nice blogging platform that is becoming more and more popular with a nice design. Could fit in iCloud 2.0 offerings and get iWeb as a free blogging client. Could become very popular in schools. Flickr: nice complement to iPhoto/Aperture and would be part of iCloud 2.0. More than nice replacement to MobileMe Galleries. Twitter: this is becoming more and more evident that Apple loves them. In OS X 10.8, this service is part of the Share Sheet. Would tie it with Tumblr previous acquisition. Vimeo: would complement the video apps Apple is selling and become their video replacement for YouTube. Bye bye Google. Another nice piece of the iCloud 2.0 offerings. Already included in the OS X 10.8 Developer Preview in the Share Sheet. What is your opinion? Any buying target that I missed but could really add value to the Apple ecosystem?

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